Hvilket bilmerke 34

Jeg har tatt noen bilder siden sist, og legger derfor ut noen bilnøtter igjen.


Three ducks stopped by a straw


Stormy weather

bølger X

My cat “talks”

Shumshu, my Kurilian Bobcat, is three years old now and is communicating better and better these days. As cats do, he finds places to lie down for a nap. I made a new “bed” for him on the bench in the bathroom (nice and warm). The other day, when my son went to that room, Shumshu was standing beside his bed, looked at my son and said something (like miau). My son saw that he had put a large bathing towel on the cats bed, which he then removed.
Immediately, Shumshu walked to his place and lay down looking very satisfied.

shumshu nov

The old workshop

Solør, Norway

fagerli gar

Fulmar in Shetland

On a rainy day at Esha Ness.


The old gate

port X


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