Old Mill

old mill X

Carface 1

No, not Scarface. Faces of cars. Sometimes I wish a good artist could make portraits of some of the cars out there. Well, since I am not good at drawing, I have to use my camera…

carface 1



Big Boss Man

My cat, the Kurilian Bobtail Shumshu, was called Big Boss Man by the breeder. After a song by Elvis Presley, they say. Here he is posing like the Big Boss Man.

shumshu king

Into Winter refuge

Yesterday my wonderful MG TD from 1953 went to a barn to hibernate during winter. Luckily I have another MG, an MGB GT, which will be my wintercar. I shall only put winter tyres on in and fix r´the heating and we will be ready for the snow. But this is an image of the MG TD.


Feeding Kittiwakes

Mating av krykkjer på Rsøt.RW0878

A Fishing Vessel as neighbour

From Henningsvær i the Lofoten Islands in Norway.



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