Photograph from 1976

In 1976 I got accreditation for the volleyball competition during the Olympic Games in Montreal.  I have been looking through my images from then, and put some of them out on the internet. Here is a picture from the match between Korea and Poland. Poland won the gold medal in the mens competition.kor-pol214-pater



Et serieopptak fra cupfinalen

Jeg eksperimenterte litt med mitt Fuji X-1 under cupfinalen, og viser en serie bilder fra ett av angrepene til Randaberg. Det er lov å kommentere (se under serien). Husk to klikk på hvert bilde (jobber med saken).

Cupfinalene 2016

For my foreign followers: I photographed the Norwegian Cup Finals in Volleyball Saturday, January 16th. I will therefore show some of the pictures I took here in this blog, but will be back with other images after that. I apologise to those who are not interested in volleyball.

Kjære volleyballvenner. Jeg vil vise bilder fra NM-finalene på disse sidene. Jeg brukte utstyr som ikke er beregnet på sportsfotografering, og håper dere unnskylder den ikke helt store kvaliteten på bildene denne gang. Jeg skal legge ut flere bilder etter hvert.


Beach Volleyball Photographer

Yea, I once was a beach volleyball photographer! I enjoyed very much to try and catch the action of the world stars in the sand. I was the organisers photographer at all the international events in Norway between 1999 and 2011, both in Stavanger and in Kristiansand. I am going through my pictures once more and presenting the in another blog. Here is one of my favourite players, Brazilian Emanuel Rego in the sand.



beach volleyball north of the polar circle



skogOn my way home from Åmli in Southern Norway, having been to a volleyball meeting, I had to stop in the forests to get this image. Like in a fairy tale.

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