Store in Tarbert

A photo I took some years ago in Tarbert, Harris, Outer Hebrides.

Barra, Outer Hebrides

Arriving at Castlebay, Barra.

An evening stroll to the sea

This couple take a late evening stroll from their house to the sea at Five Penny Borve in the Outer Hebrides.

Sparkesyklene i Oslo

Jeg er en 80 år gammel mann. Jeg kan likevel forstå at det kan være artig å benytte de nye, elektriske sparkesyklene i byen. For oss med gamle ben som forsøker å gå i byen, er det imidlertid ikke så artig. En ting er at mange av brukene kjører altfor fort, og tar ikke hensyn til trafikkreglene og normal oppførsel i trafikken. Noe annet…

One more about this car…

Thank you for all the comments about my, and your,first car! Since this was so popular, I give you one more. And Linda, snd me a picture of you Mustang, and I shall put it out here. And Dallas, I will get that Rover here as well.

Hei alle volleyballveteraner!

Å adressere volleyballens veteraner i denne bloggen er et uvanlig tiltak. Jeg forsøker nemlig å gripe fatte i alle volleyballveteraner i Norge for å informere dem om hvor det kanskje kan være interessant å gå på nettet! Jeg har nemlig en volleyballblogg som jeg er redd jeg har neglisjert i altfor høy grad. Det har jeg tenkt å gjøre noe med, om helsa holder….

Citroen 2CV, the beloved car

I have owned three 2CVs in my life. I just loved this little and simple car. When I read an article about someone going on a trip in France with a 2CV, I came across a quote that described the car perfectly. The famous British motor journalist L.J.K. Setright described itas “the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car.” And…

Houses 8

Old wooden houses get a wonderful (in my opinion) colour when the get very old. I remember a special story for this house. They had made a tunnel from the house and up to the forest above it, and there were able to flee from enemies who approached from further down.

Houses 7

I found this building far north in the world, north of the Polar Circle. It sits in a small fishing village called Henningsvær in the Lofoten Islands. Lofoten is in a way the main area for the cod fishing that takes place every winter and is the main reason for people being able to live in this area. There is a fight going on…

Houses 4

Strange. I measure how good people find a picture I put out on how many bloggers like it. Nobody seems to like Houses 3. Except myself. So I try another one. The rain is now pouring down outside my windows here in Oslo. That feels good, since I hope I will feel better afterwards. I have become allergic to pollen in my old age,…

Houses 2

This building may be called a barn, but it really has had  lot of different functions. I like the complexity and the different colours that has been used. It is a patchwork, the owners seem to have added features when they could afford it and had the material and paint. It is almost like a piece of art! Central Norway.

The fifties in Oslo 5

Seen with a geographers eyes, it is natural to establish a town at the outlet of a river. This is the case with all cities in Europe. Oslo, Norway, is no exception. Akerselva is the name of our river, small compared to its European sisters, but beautiful. Today, it is nice and clean, and you can catch fish high up the river. It was…

The fifties in Oslo, Norway 1

This picture is taken around 1958 in the harbour, and with my second camera, the Flexaret. Take a close look at the expression on the face of the little boy who is sitting there. What goes on in his head?

Narrow streets in Cordes

I would have liked to live in this wonderful little village in the Tarn area in France for a month or so. The narrow streets, beautiful buildings with flowers everywhere, it is just so nice. For my old legs, however, I would not managed the steep streets from the bottom of the valley and upwards. But when I was young…

Balquhidder Kirk

I found these old gravestones not far from Loch Lomond in Scotland. We wanted to see the grave of Rob Roy, the Robin Hood of the Highlands. There were many old and beautiful gravestones in the same churchyard, here are just a few of them.