Harris Tweed

I really like Harris Tweed. So, when visiting the Outer Hebrides I was allowed in to one of the small sheds where the weaver was working. They work in small sheds apart from where the live because of the noise from the loom.The weaver will receive the pattern and the right coloured yarn from the Harris Tweed factory.

A sheep scull

When I visited an abandoned farm on North Uist in the Hebrides, I noticed this sheep scull. I saw the beauty in it and brought it with me back to Oslo. Since then, it has been hanging on a wall in my home.

The Italian Chapel

Two points: the weather in Orkney is not always sunshine, like in the previous post and the war can sometimes produce good things.This image shows our group visiting the famous Italian Chapel in rain and storm. Not pleasant.The story behind this modest building, however, is a nice and surprising one. It was built by Italian prisoners of war during WW2. The contact between the…

Stromness, Orkney

The main Street in Stromness on a nice summers day.

The Old Man of Hoy

The famous stack in Orkney.

The Callanish Standing Stones

My American friend, Dallas Jones, remarked in his comment to the Stonehenge Stone Circle that he preferred the standing stones in the Outer Hebrides; the Callanish Standing Stones.I agree with him! The stones at Stonehenge are larger, I’ll give you that. But size is not all, as you know. The stones on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides are situated more dramatically…

The fascinating Skara Brae

Often I wish I could travel in time, backwards. I would have found it very interesting then to go to Orkney and Skara Brae, and see how the people lived there. Standing on the side of this underground dwelling sets my thoughts flying…This is the basic layout in all the houses here. The dresser, with the back to the sea, is where prized objects…

Kirkwall, Orkney

Built before the cars showed up. You have to move with care here.

Bus traveling in Orkney

Sometimes everybody in the bus wants to look out of the bus front window. Not easy that…

Shearing sheep

On Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

Barra, Outer Hebrides

Arriving at Castlebay, Barra.

Eilean Donan Castle

This castle may well be the most photographed castle in Scotland.

Outer Hebrides

View on the north-east coast of Lewis in rainy weather.

Machair on the Outer Hebrides

You must experience the colours of a machair to believe it! This is from Lewis, Outer Hebrides. Look up MACHAIR here.