Taken on the ferry from Røst to Bodø.


Trip to the north 8

The trip has come to an end, as I am now back in my home in Oslo. I did see puffins, but as in this image, most of their nesting holes were empty. When I lived there in the seventies, this would have been a very busy nesting place…


Trip to the north 7

Everything comes to an end. This trip to Røst in Lofoten ends today, and in a couple of hours this ferry returns to Bodø with me. After that, the long journey towards Oslo begins…Ferga

Trip to the north 6

Finally, sunshine on my last day on the island of Røst, and a four hour boattrip to the birds rock. Sad situation, though, the number of birds are rapidly decreasing. There used to be numerous Puffins, today I only saw a few. Here are some Shags from the trip.


Trip to the north 5

I am on the island for a few days. The island called Røst, in the Lofoten archipelago, north of the Polar Circle. The land of the midnight sun. Except, there is no sun during the nights. It is hiding above the clouds. But I have to use the days anyway, hoping for better weather the last couple of days…
People live on the flat Røstlandet. The bird rocks are some distance further out, seen in the background of this image.


Trip to the north 4

The library interior.

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Trip to the north 3

Bodø is a town north of the Polar Circle. It is the gate to the wonderful world of the Lofoten Islands, where my destination Røst, is the outermost one. I had some time to spare in Bodø before the ferry was leaving for my island. A made a stroll in the town and discovered three new and significant buildings! First the Concert Hall, then the Library and last a towering hotel.
I really liked the modern library. One part of the building faced the harbour, just like the Shetland Museum in Lerwick! Good thinking!

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