Happy New Year

I (the photographer, that is), wish y0u all a better year in 2021 than the one we have been through. I am waiting for my vaccine here in Oslo, it should not take long for us elderly.
This image was once taken in the Outer Hebrides.

Historical image

From the sixties. When young people in Oslo were taking to the streets to protest against nuclear bombs.


The Redshank is one of my favourite birds. It has beautiful colours and looks so elegant with the long legs. This image is taken on yje island of Røst in Lofoten, Norway.


Me and my cat

I am staying indoor most of the time now. The main reason, of course, is the pandemic. But my bad legs also make it difficult to walk around. However, I have a very good friend with me all the time. I have written about him before. Today, my son Martin took this image of me and Shumshu on our balcony.

Shumshu and I on our balcony on October 28th 2020.

Oslo colours

Well, the colours we have just left. Now, it is just dreary and rainy. So I am not leaving my nice and cosy flat at all. Hibernating till spring, hoping that covid 19 will slowly disappear, but I doubt it will as soon as we wish.
I am glad I have lots of images on my harddisk, they will last for a very long time.
This image is taken in the Royal Park.


A desk cat

I these pandemic times I spend almost all my time indoor. At home. And much of the time I sit in front of my mac, writing and scanning old pictures. However, I am not alone. My cat and good friend Shumshu is never far away. Rather the opposite. He is on to of everything, even my films and books. As in this image.

Shumshu is never far away

Rain in Oslo

An old picture from Oslo

Island in the air

This image was taken when I was crossing the sea to visit the Halligs in Friesland, Germany.

Main street, Oslo

This image is taken before the Covid 10 pandemi. The photographer (me) was standing just in font of our Royal Castle pointing down the Karl Johansgate. It was a pleasant day, nice weather and lots of people. Let us hope for days like this next year.

historical game in the street

This low quality picture was taken in Oslo in the middle of the fifties. I climbed a truck and took it with my $ 1,75 Kodak Baby Brownie, which, by the way I still have. The game is “langball”, a baseballike game in Norway.

Ball game in Københavngate in Grünerløkka, Oslo, appr. 1955.

Oslo Royal Castle in snow

I know. It is not winter yet. Meanwhile I am trying out all the new things in the WordPress programs. With my old brains, I need to concentrate on this. So excuse me for showing this winter image oif the Royal Castle in Oslo, situated only a hundred meters from where I live.

Castle in Oslo

Images from Oslo

I apologise for being away for a long time here. I do a lot of posting on Facebook, but I shall try and post an image from Oslo once a week. Starting with to street artists performing their magic beside the Parliament building on Kar Johansgate.

Magic in Oslo

Feeding birds today

My son and I went to the Royal Castle Park in the nice sunshine today, feeding the birds in the pond there. The building in this image is the rear side of the castle itself.

Meeting me when I come home

My cat, Shumshu, is out in the yard if I leave home to go to the shop. He never leaves the yard since he is does not like the traffic in the streets outside. When I come home and call out his name, he immediately comes to meet me, also going outside the gate. Here is is today, May 18th 2020.

Shumshu on his way to meet me

My good friend, Shumshu

I am so glad I have a cat these troubled times. I watch a TV program called “My cat from Hell”. I am so glad my cat is not like all those cats in the program that seem to have huge problems. Jackson Galaxy, however, seems to be able to treat their problems.
Here is Shumshu, a well-behaved Kurilian Bobtail, 9 years old now. I named him after one of the islands in the Kurilian Archipelago.

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