Shetland pony



Busy day in Lerwick

Lerwick is the largest town in Shetland. As many other names, it is a remnant of the Norwegian name, Leirvik, meaning bay with clay. This picture is probably taken on a Saturday when the main street, called Commercial Street for obvious reasons, is “teeming” with people in the nice weather.


A funny bird

Puffins are among my favourite birds. That beak with the beautiful colours is the Nordic version of a parrot. This image was taken at Hermaness in Shetland. The puffins there were not shy and came all the way up to my feet. Lunde746

Stubborn creature in Shetland

On a grey and rainy day in Shetland we came to a halt because this young ox had decided to take a rest in the middle of the road.


Back to Orkney

Since I had no response with my images of the little old farm I spent so many summers as a boy, I return to images from my travels abroad. That will be mainly from Scotland and the isles. This one shows the colours of Orkney, and the Ring of Brodgar.

Brodgar ring

My childhood holiday place 5

Here is the small house with the glass veranda when people still lived there.

Wardenær ny

my childhood holiday place 4

Like most other small farmhouses, Wardenær had a in-glassed veranda. When people lived in the house the windows would always be full of pretty flowers. There were two squeaking wicker chairs here and a small table with old magazines. The old folks were sitting here looking out to the nearby main road to see if anybody they knew were passing by.


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