Beach volleyball 2

Øivind Wergeland 2011


Beach volleyball 1

Stavanger 2011, Ingrid Tørlen.Ingrid 2011.jpg

Hvor i Oslo 233

Hvor befinner fotografen seg her?gate 233

Hvor i Oslo 232

Bilde tatt forrige vinter.


Hvor i Oslo 231

gate 231

A nice welcome

Sometimes when I go out for short time, I leave my cat in the yard. He is too frightened to follow me outside the gate, there is too much noise outside.
But it is so nice when I return and call out his name, he is so happy to come and meet me.
I love that cat…Shumshu ute

Smell of peat in Oslo

It is Easter time. I am sitting at home in Oslo, working on a book. It is light rain outside. So what do I do to cheer me up? I lit a piece of peat in my Scottish house in the window sill, and a wonderful smell is soon surrounding me.
And reminding me of all my visits to the Scottish islands!peat smoke

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