Shumshu in winter

And winter we have had, and still have; here in Oslo, Norway. It is almost like the winters I remember from my childhood.

My “indoor cat”, Shumshu, also seems to enjoy the sun again, and took a stroll in our yard today.

Shumshu vinter


Cat on our patchwork quilt

kos lappeteppe

My kurilian bobtail, Shumshu, stays mostly indoor this winter, as do I. Much snow, slippery sidewalks, and cold weather do not invite indoor cats and old men out.


Earls Palace, Birsay, Orkney

new orkney birsay

Fulmar in Orkney

Fulmar Orkney

Window cleaning in Edinburgh


Edinburgh in the seventies and now

Last year I visited Edinburgh once more. I was there with the Norwegian volleyball team in 1971 and 1977. One of these years I then took an image in the morning outside the hotel we stayed at.
Last year I visited Edinburgh again, this time with friends. One morning I was out looking for a Pepsi Cola, when I got this strange feeling. But then I suddenly understood I was standing outside the very same hotel I took a picture almost 50 years earlier. Here are both images.


Merry Christmas from a cat


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