Chestnut season

at least it is in Oslo. I remember happy days when I was a boy, throwing down these nuts and taking their skin off. Discovering the beauty of a single nut…

kastanjer copy

Hvor i Oslo 217

Dere undrer kanskje på nummeret på denne gåten, jeg har tilsynelatende hoppet over mye. Men jeg fant ut sist at jeg da hadde hoppet over disse, slik at nå skal tellingen være korrekt igjen. Men hvor er dette bildet tatt.

gate 217

Still summer in Oslo

But we see what way everything goes. Darker evenings, cooler nights and birds are not calling for a mate any more. Sunday is the last day of the Olympics in Rio, which will give me more time for other occupations. In the beginning of September I shall once more visit Orkney islands, hopefully getting a lot of pictures to show here.

Oslo summer

Boat and house (and a ladder)

Once more image from the island of Røst in Norway.

båt og hus m ramme

A catnap

Performed today shumshu napby my Kurilean Bobtail, Shumshu.

The brick building

This little brick building once housed a transformer. It is situated just across the street from Oslo Legevakt, near the river through Oslo, Akerselva. Today it is used by a group that call themselves Friends of Akerselva (or something like that).

Here is another picture of the small building (that seems to be without wíndows).trafo 2

Hvor i Oslo 191?

A quiz about places in Oslo.Where (and what) is this?

gate 191


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