Sheep by the ocean

sauer i motlys

Beach Volleyball Photographer

Yea, I once was a beach volleyball photographer! I enjoyed very much to try and catch the action of the world stars in the sand. I was the organisers photographer at all the international events in Norway between 1999 and 2011, both in Stavanger and in Kristiansand. I am going through my pictures once more and presenting the in another blog. Here is one of my favourite players, Brazilian Emanuel Rego in the sand.



Road in Norway 4



Road in Norway 3

Far north in Norway.

pint587 X

Oslo Today

November 14th 2015. A Saturday. Getting darker every day. You can see the sun on top of the buildings. Centre of Oslo.

Oslo today

Watch out, reindeer on the road!

We are getting closer to Christmas, and I think the reindeer are out training! I suddenly had several of them trotting in the middle of the road, in front of me. I had to take the picture through my somewhat sodden front window, hence the not so good quality. PS. I could not see St. Claus himself, he was probably hiding behind the trees.


Road in Norway 2

Someone asked me how it would be to meet someone in a curve in the picture  of the previous post. Here is a bus coming towards me, and you just wait til he is out of the curve, where there is more space. This road is called Stalheimskleivene, but if you don’t like roads like this, you can now drive around them.

pint589 X


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