May 17th, after the childrens parade

Oslo on the Norwegian National Day. No military parade like in Russia. Only all the schoolchildren “marching” up the main street, Karl Johansgate, and waving their flags to the King on his balcony. Afterwards, the children reunite with their parents.
The image is taken from the front of the castle.


Shumshu and spring

My Kurilian Bobtail, called Shumshu after one of the Kurilean islands, is an indoor cat. However, he also enjoys sunshine on the balcony! The white dots in the background are the flowers on our Wild Apples tree in our backyard, a wonderful sight theses days.

Shumshu spring

End of an era

Well, maybe a somewhat pretentious title when a car holds the main role. My dream of a car started when I was thirteen; a MG TD sportscar. It took sixty years to fullfill that dream. Now I had lived that dream for five years, and it was time to let someone else take over the responsibility for such a gem. Last Sunday, at the large sports car meeting in Oslo, the switch took place. The image was taken on one of my trips to the north.MG fjell

Oslo Today

May 2nd 2011. Heading for Karl Johansgate.

oslo May 2

Getting closer

The National Day of Norway is approaching. May 17th is not a day for military parades (we don’t do military parades in Norway). It is mostly a family day and a day for children. This picture is taken in the Castle Park in Oslo just after the long parade of all the schools in the city, each led by a band, marching up the main street and passing the Royal Family on the balcony of the castle. The bands are usually young pupils of that school.  And afterwards, many gather for a picnic on the lawn, that is, if the weather is like this.


Shumshu in big shoes

My Kurilean Bobcat, Shumshu, likes to lay down where we park our shoes. Here it looks as if he tried to get into two shoes, I told him they were too big for him, and that he put them on the wrong way. He did not care.

DSCF3010 copy

Yell, Shetland



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