Sleepy cat

In these dark times in Oslo, our cat Shumshu sleeps more than normal. He always keeps himself to the humans in the house, Like here.

Shumshu sleepy


Snow and lights in our yard

I live in downtown Oslo, not very far from the famous skate stadium from the 1952 Olympics, called Bislet.
Everything looked better in Oslo when we got some snow yesterday! This image was taken Friday evening, just before I was going to bed. I took the picture from our balcony.

lys i snøen

Suddenly the schoolyard was painted white

This image was taken of the yard at Majorstua school today. The winter games were back!sne i skolegården

Oslo Metropolitan University

Fancy name. And in English, of course. When I was studying at the university, about one hundred years ago, The University of Oslo was split in two, the old part along the main street of the city, Karl Johansgate, and the modern part at Blindern, a bit outside the centre. It was here that some of us started OSI and KSI, the university volleyball teams.
What used to be a gathering of other educational institutions was called Høyskolen i Oslo, the High School of Oslo It has now gained the status of university.  Called Oslo Metropolitan University. Quite a name. Shortened OsloMet. And it is situated just across the street from where I live.
I still remember how proud I was when I got the college sweater with the logo and the text Universitas Osloensis in the front.
oslo met

A grey winters day in Oslo

This dull image was taken today on my way to the shop to get milk and bread. I started the day with a visit to my dentist and continued at a optician to fetch my new glasses.
But no snow!
(I am using a new editor, but have not yet found out how I get larger images. I shall work on it)

One of those days…

Since I have to restrict my walking because of my bad legs, I have to plan ahead. Like I did yesterday. It did not work like I planned, though.
This is want I wanted to do:
– Go to my printing house further down the street
– Print the sheet of information about my new book
– Bring the book and these sheets to the library in Grünerløkka
– Collect a new lens I had ordered

So I walked down to the printing shop in Pilestredet.
The printing shop did not exist any more!
I walked on, feeling the pain in my legs. I wanted to get the tram from Holbergs plass to Stortorget, to get my new lens. On the tram stop at Holbergs plass it was strangely quiet. No people waiting for the tram. I noticed a sign saying there was no tram today. I had to get the “bus for train” instead. So I walked (!) to the bus stop. However, the bus did not follow the same route as the tram, and would not take me to Stortorget and my photo shop. What now?
I walked (!) all the way to Scandinavian Photo and bought the lens. Across the street there was a printing shop! They made those info sheets for me. One task accomplished.
Next stop the library.
How to get there? The tram did not work.
I had to take a cab, but first had to walk (!) to the cab stop.
By this time I needed a mens room. But of course, there was a toilet in the library! 
The library met we with locked doors. It had closed down because they were going to refurbish it. So my well-planned exhibition of my book and the sheets of information could not be done.
Now I really needed that bathroom. Perhaps I could use the bushes outside the library?
So I walked (!) all the way up to a cafe on the street where I grew up, Karlstadgata. They had a toilet, they were willing to exhibit my book and the info sheets. In gratitude I had a little meal while there, and even sold two books to a very nice woman and her daughter  sitting at the next table.
Since the tram business was so difficult, I took a taxi home.
A bit later, I watched Magnus Carlsen win the World Champion title in chess once more.
A little bit of consolation after a day of too much walking.

35% rabatt på boka i dag!

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Den egner seg godt som julepresang til folk som bor, eller har bodd, på Grünerløkka.
Dere bestiller boka hos et selskap som heter Lulu. Da går dere inn her:

I arbeid med boka
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