In Highland Park Distillery

The worlds northernmost single malt distillery, in Kirkwall, Orkney.


Hvor i Oslo 218


Finally: smell of peat in Oslo

I love the smell of burning peat. And now, after my recent visit to Scotland, I bought something that brings the wonderful and nostalgic smell of peat to my apartment here in Oslo. Several years ago I called a producer of incense to ask if the were maling incense with smell of peat. They did not.
But now they do! I found this “lovely” piece of kitsch in Edinburgh, exactly what I had hoped for! A house where smoke from a little piece of peat inside comes out through the chimney.  Finally, I can enjoy the smell of burning peat at home…
If you want to buy this, start here:


Colors of Scotland


The Highlands


The Royal Mile in Edinburgh


Ring of Brodgar

I have a feeling I shall put out several images from Orkney Island and Scotland here in the near future. I just returned from a trip there with many of my old CISV-friends. Se more about the Ring of Brodgar.


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