Nå selger jeg min vakre MGB GT

MG salgDet er like før jeg legger ut min klassiske MGB GT for salg. Du vil finne annonsen på Finn. Her viser jeg noen bilder fra de fem årene jeg hadde og kjørte bilen. Om noen her er interessert, skal de vite at prisen er satt til 120.000 kroner. Advertisements

Oslo main street today

And “today” is April 28th. The sun is here, the last small patches of snow are disappearing. The image shows nice colours on the walls of Karl Johan street.

Terrorfright in Oslo

Oslos main street, Karl Johansgate, looks different than normal these days. A lot of obstacles have been put in the street in an attempt to avoid terrorists cars to use  to kill people.

Rain at the Italian Chapel

By the Churchill Barrier on Orkney.

Colours in Orkney

Rusty fishing vessels can also be colourful!

A typical street in Stromness

Or rather; the main street. Stromness lies in Orkney and is a nice place to visit.

To the Reel in Kirkwall, Orkney

One evening we wanted to hear some Orkney music, which we found in The Reel in Kirkwall. My friend, Jerka, is on the way here.

Museum Farm, Orkney

Thick walls in this old farm.

Back to Orkney again

I was in Orkney a little over a year ago, and I have showed you some of the pictures before. I hope you don’t mind some of them again? In this image people are walking towards the fantastic Skara Brae.

Smell of peat in Oslo

It is Easter time. I am sitting at home in Oslo, working on a book. It is light rain outside. So what do I do to cheer me up? I lit a piece of peat in my Scottish house in the window sill, and a wonderful smell is soon surrounding me. And reminding me of all my visits to the Scottish islands!