Orkney by bus

The Orkney island is a place with a lot of narrow roads. Therefore, I was a bit sceptical when we took our big bus all the way from Edinburgh and up. “We” was a group from friends who had met in CISV, a peace organisation working with children.
I did not have worried. The driver was very competent and manoeuvered the large ship into the smallest spaces.
In the first image everybody in the bus tries to get a glimpse of something happening in front of our vehicle. The second and third images were taken at Yesnaby, an outpost by the ocean, showing us that Orkney is not only flat pastures, but also has to fight storms from the west.
Se more about Yesnaby.

backseatYesnabythe bus



Yesnaby, Orkney


Near Yesnaby – (Orkney)

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