Morning tea at Five Penny Borve

With my friends, Dallas and Liz, we rented a cottage in Lewis for a week. We had one condition, to be able to warm the house with peat. We all loved the smell of burning peat!
In the kitchen, to the far left here, there was a peat stove. We kept it burning around the clock, and spent a lot of time with the smell from the peat stove.
This is one of my favourite images from one of these moments.

Great  atmosphere in a kitchen in the Outer Hebrides, and Lewis.

Evening in Kirkwall

Kirkwall is not a swinging town in Orkney. The evenings are dark and quiet, no crowds in the streets. However, I go to Orkney for different reasons.
Nature is one. Folk music is another.
In the first picture Jerka from Sweden is on his way to the Reel. Inside atmosphere is so different than outside darkness and stillness.

DSCF5922 copy

the Reel 2

Brough of Birsay

Since I first showed you the image from Birsay on high tide, and my fellow travellers could not get across, here is a picture of the place at low tide. Also, here is an image of som very advanced house building, where they led warm water under the stone floors. That is more than I have today!
Read more about this place.




My longtime friend, Dallas Jones.


To the Reel in Kirkwall, Orkney

One evening we wanted to hear some Orkney music, which we found in The Reel in Kirkwall. My friend, Jerka, is on the way here.Jerka

Yesnaby, Orkney


Kirkwall, Orkney

new orkney 4

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