Oslo, January 2017

Oslo today. A dull day with Scottish rain. No snow. No snow yet in this winter country! They tell us we shall have some snow tomorrow. That will be good for the children who want to be outdoor skiing and playing.
I took this picture in the Royal Garden when passing through on my way down town. I intended to take some pictures of the new Munch Museum that is being built. But my bad legs would not carry me all the way there. However, the weather was not very good for photography anyway…



Hvor ble det av all snøen?

Where did all the snow go?

Dette spurte jeg meg selv om i dag tidlig da jeg så ut av vinduet ned i Pilestredet der det ikke var hvitt, bare regnsvart. Ifølge værmeldingene skulle det komme masse snø, men i Oslo var det én plussgrad, så det ble ikke hvitt. Men jeg leste etterpå at det hadde vært mye snø andre steder på Østlandet. Oh well…
Slik så det i alle fall ut i Slottsparken da jeg gikk til byen i dag.

The weather forecast said “lots of snow”, but when I woke up this morning I was kind of disappointed. However, it was to mild here in Oslo, but the temperatures are going down and more snow expected.
The image is from the Royal Palace Park when I walked to town today.


The Angry Bird – En sinna due

Dette er kanskje The Angry Bird i virkeligheten. I alle fall så den ikke spesielt glad ut denne duen jeg traff på i Slottsparken en sommerdag. Kanskje han eller hun var litt sur fordi jeg ikke hadde med mat.
I met this not-so-happy Pigeon in the Palace Gardens a summers day way back.


Four seasons in the Palace Gardens


Autumn with great colours

I live close to the Royal Palace in Oslo, and walking to centre of the city takes me through the Royal Palace Gardens. Since I usually carry my camera, I often make stops here because of the nice views around me.

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Finally winter in Oslo

I had almost began thinking that the weather changes all over the globe had removed “real winters” from Oslo in Norway. You knot, like the used to be when I grew up. But alas, a real kind of winter is back again. Temperatur below -10 Celsius, snow on the ground, happy children, cold ears  –  it is all once again here!


Oslo Today – February 9

090213A very nice Saturday in Oslo, minus 5 degrees C and snow still white (mostly). I walked the usual path down to the main street, and to a shop with my broken bird watching telescope. I will bring it when I am traveling around this summer in my MGB GT. More space to bring thinks in that car.
The third book by Peter May from the Outer Hebrides had not arrived yet.

Oslo Today – May 17th

The Norwegian National Day today. Thousands of dressed up people in town, and nice weather, so far (three o’clock). Unfortunately, I believe the rest of the country is not that lucky. The weather forecast said rain all over the place, except the area around and south-west of Oslo. I strolled down to the park I often show you images from, the park around our kings castle. I sat down on a bench and just watched people in hundreds (thousands?) passing by. Many people, adults and children,  in their national costumes looking great. A day with wonderful traditions.

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