Stromness, Orkney

The main Street in Stromness on a nice summers day.

Main Street in Stromness

The fascinating Skara Brae

Often I wish I could travel in time, backwards. I would have found it very interesting then to go to Orkney and Skara Brae, and see how the people lived there. Standing on the side of this underground dwelling sets my thoughts flying…
This is the basic layout in all the houses here. The dresser, with the back to the sea, is where prized objects were stored and displayed. It was the first thing you would see when you entered the room. Around the dresser, set into the floor, are three small tanks for preparing fish bait. To the right of the dresser is a large grinding stone.
In the centre is the hearth. Between the hearth and the dresser is a stone seat. On either side of the house are box beds. Above the beds, set into the walls are further storage spaces. Yet more storage is provided by cells or alcoves set into the thickness of the walls. Also notice the small window beside the dresser.
Today, you can look down into each dwelling, since there are no roofs. Originally, the roofs were made of timber or whalebone, with turf on top.

Skara Brae

Machair on the Outer Hebrides

You must experience the colours of a machair to believe it! This is from Lewis, Outer Hebrides. Look up MACHAIR here.

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