Harris Tweed

I really like Harris Tweed. So, when visiting the Outer Hebrides I was allowed in to one of the small sheds where the weaver was working. They work in small sheds apart from where the live because of the noise from the loom.
The weaver will receive the pattern and the right coloured yarn from the Harris Tweed factory.

Weaving tweed

A sheep scull

When I visited an abandoned farm on North Uist in the Hebrides, I noticed this sheep scull. I saw the beauty in it and brought it with me back to Oslo. Since then, it has been hanging on a wall in my home.

North Uist

The Old Man of Hoy

The famous stack in Orkney.

Kirkwall, Orkney

Built before the cars showed up. You have to move with care here.

Main street

Shearing sheep

On Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

The wonderful smell of burning peat

One of the things I liked the most when traveling in the Scottish islands was the smell of burning peat. Sometimes we stayed in a cottage for several days, and we always tried to buy some peat to burn in the open fire place. When we rented a cottage in Five-Penny-Borve in Lewis, everyone around us seemed to burn peat in their houses, because the small village was always enveloped in the scent of burning peat.
Many years later I found someone selling Scottish Peat Incense, and of course I had to get  it. So, staying at home this Easter, I burnt peat ever day on my balcony, and it triggered my memory of the travels to Shetland and the Hebrides.
I am sorry I cannot transfer the smell, but at least you can see the smoke from the little cottage that came with the incense.

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