Smell of peat in Oslo

It is Easter time. I am sitting at home in Oslo, working on a book. It is light rain outside. So what do I do to cheer me up? I lit a piece of peat in my Scottish house in the window sill, and a wonderful smell is soon surrounding me.
And reminding me of all my visits to the Scottish islands!peat smoke


Road Outer Hebrides

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Colours in Orkney

This past summer I visited Orkney again, and could once more admire the wonderful colours of Scotland. Here are two images from the Ring of Brodgar.


In Highland Park Distillery

The worlds northernmost single malt distillery, in Kirkwall, Orkney.


Finally: smell of peat in Oslo

I love the smell of burning peat. And now, after my recent visit to Scotland, I bought something that brings the wonderful and nostalgic smell of peat to my apartment here in Oslo. Several years ago I called a producer of incense to ask if the were maling incense with smell of peat. They did not.
But now they do! I found this “lovely” piece of kitsch in Edinburgh, exactly what I had hoped for! A house where smoke from a little piece of peat inside comes out through the chimney.  Finally, I can enjoy the smell of burning peat at home…
If you want to buy this, start here: www.turfpeat.com


Colors of Scotland


The Highlands


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