Colours in Orkney

This past summer I visited Orkney again, and could once more admire the wonderful colours of Scotland. Here are two images from the Ring of Brodgar.



Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Brodgar copy

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Liz stones

Day 9

E-5 Day. The Bonine saw us through some rough seas.   We even got brave enough to eat something after a couple of hours.  Landfall at Kirkwall ca 2300 hrs and straight to our hotel, the St. Ola.  Great view overlooking the harbor, but the hotel itself is pretty shabby–and overpriced.  Next morning, we decide to check out.  Many phone calls later Liz finds a promising B&B, which proves to be the best place we’ve stayed in yet.   Meanwhile, Raymond is beside himself with excitement because today is the day Olympus unveils its newest camera:  the E-5.  We find a wi-fi spot at the Visitor Center and he gorges on all of the features and reactions from around the web.  Outside the gale continues:  winds howl, rain lashes horizontally, and we zip up our raincoats.  On to Maes Howe (we’ve seen it twice before, so we content ourselves with browsing in the gift shop), the Stenness Standing Stones, and then the Ring of Brodgar (probably the third best ring of standing stones in Britain).  It’s only drizzling now, so we spend some time hiking around these amazing stone giants.  Stromness is much as we remembered it.  Smaller, quainter, and more intimate than Kirkwall.  The main street through town is paved with huge flagstones accentuated by a channel of cobblestones down the middle.   Very pretty and clean.  At the B & B in Birsay, we are greeted warmly by Mrs Williamson, who offers us tea and sherry.  She is very chatty, and by the time we get away to find some supper, it’s pouring again, so we seek the nearest hostelry, the Barony Hotel.  A good meal where Raymond is introduced to Potato Skins and discovers that he loves them.
Txt Dallas

Stromnes, Photo: Dallas

Ring of Brodgar Photo: Dallas

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