Abandoned house and vessel

On the island of Røst in Northern Norway. Both are gone today.vrak-og-hus

Sheep in Lofoten



Sauer på Røst i Lofoten.
Røst is a very flat island at the end of the Lofoten islands, north of the Polar Circle. The sheep will be outdoor most of the year, it can be windy out there, but not often much snow.
Heldigvis gjør Golfstrømmen nytte for seg her oppe i nord, slik at sauene kan være ute året rundt. Dette bildet er tatt i midnattsol.

Boat and house (and a ladder)

Once more image from the island of Røst in Norway.

båt og hus m ramme

Blue Ocean

Røst, Lofoten, Norway. Summer of 2016.blått hav

Dark sky in Røst

Taken when I left Røst in Lofoten this summer.


Watch out for reindeer!

When you travel from Oslo, through Sweden, to get to the north, you should be careful on the road. There will be reindeer there!


Making stockfish

Røst, Lofoten islands, Norway

tørk423 copy

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