Smell of peat in Oslo

It is Easter time. I am sitting at home in Oslo, working on a book. It is light rain outside. So what do I do to cheer me up? I lit a piece of peat in my Scottish house in the window sill, and a wonderful smell is soon surrounding me.
And reminding me of all my visits to the Scottish islands!peat smoke


Road Outer Hebrides

vei475 copy

A road on North Uist, Outer Hebrides

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A road on the Outer Hebrides



On Lewis, Outer Hebrides. A road to the ocean in the evening.

On Lewis


Road on North Uist, Outer Hebrides

North Uist

Road on the Outer Hebrides

This is a follow up on the one before, but the scooter is left back in Norway. Instead, we drive in Dallas’ just acquired old Rover, with leather seats and posh interior. Much more sophisticated than the Vespa! I wish I had a car like this today, if it was in perfect condition (which they seldom are).


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