Hvor i Oslo 31

Denne blir kanskje ikke så lett, siden det er få kjennetegn. Men vi prøver likevel.


Hvor i Oslo 30

Oppgave 29 er blitt korrekt besvart. Det er den gamle bygningen til Morgenbladet ved starten av Lille Grensen, bak statuen av Chr. Krogh. Og – det er ikke “juks” om dere bruker informasjoner i bildet, som for eksempel firmanavn etc. Det er ikke OBOS’ bygning, de holder til på Hammersborg.

May 17th – Norways National Day

I don’t want to disappoint my old pal Dallas, who once lived here in Oslo. He knows how much this day means to Norwegians. So I have been out taking pictures already. I did not bring my long lens, but took a picture of (from right) our King Harald, Queen Sonja, Crown Princess Mette Marit, and Crown Prince Håkon.. They are standing on the balcony to wave to all the children parading up the main street and passing the castle. This parade, with all the bands, lasts for hours. I also include an old picture I took some years ago, when I fought myself a place in the middle of the parade taking a picture with the castle in the other end.

Historical image

A bit different picture today. It was taken in 1971, from the backyard of the building I grew up in. That was in Karlstadgata 14 in Grünerløkka. A building from around 1890. The house in the background is Københavnsgata 3. You can see to small, cellar windows between the main entrance from the street and the door to the left. These two windows were in the laundryroom, and had a large wash boiler. During the war, the room served as a bombroom, where people gathered when the air-raid warning sounded. I can still remember being woken up at night, hastily dressed, picking up my teddy bear and led down to this room. The ceiling was supported by a number of wooden poles. And there we sat, around thirty persons, along the walls, with one bulb in the ceiling.
The two windows were covered by wooden boxes because of the regulations not to let light out for the planes to see. A long time ago, now…

Image from 1971

Beautiful entrance, but…

I found this doorway in Grünerløkka, the Notting Hill of Oslo. It was (at some time) really beautiful. What I cannot understand is why the people living at this address do not get together and restore it. Manye of the other doorways in the area have been replaced by some modern, but alas so dull ones. This could be the pride of the street! It is in the house beside Foss school, maybe the address is Øvre Foss 2. Come on, folks, do something!

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