Colours in Orkney

This past summer I visited Orkney again, and could once more admire the wonderful colours of Scotland. Here are two images from the Ring of Brodgar.



In Highland Park Distillery

The worlds northernmost single malt distillery, in Kirkwall, Orkney.


Ring of Brodgar

I have a feeling I shall put out several images from Orkney Island and Scotland here in the near future. I just returned from a trip there with many of my old CISV-friends. Se more about the Ring of Brodgar.


Skara Brae, Orkney

I am going back there in September.

Skara Brae X

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Brodgar copy

Stromness, Orkney


A road in Orkney

I am aware that this is not a great image, but I just wanted to finish the trip in Scotland with this one from Orkney. Since we did not want to (read: could not afford to) bring the old Rover on the ferries to Orkney and Outer Hebrides, we left the car on the mainland and hitch-hiked around the islands. Here is Dallas in Birsay on Orkney, with a sign-post we made to tell drivers where we wanted to go. It worked.


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