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Since I had no response with my images of the little old farm I spent so many summers as a boy, I return to images from my travels abroad. That will be mainly from Scotland and the isles. This one shows the colours of Orkney, and the Ring of Brodgar.

Brodgar ring


My most popular image…

on Internet and Pinterest is one of a sheep on a roof in Orkney. Here is another version of the same subject, from Corrigal Farm Museum in the Orkney island.


Kirkwall, Orkney

This image is of the Earls Palace in Kirkwall, the largest town in Orkney.Earls Palace

Main street in Kirkwall

Not much room for cars in the Orkney town of Kirkwall. This is the main street on a busy day in 2016.


Skara Brae, Orkney

You have probably noticed by now that I have a preference for islands. The Lofoten islands in Norway, the Scottish islands of Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland, I have visited them all several times. I am approaching 80 years of age, and will not travel so much any more. But; I have all mye pictures!
Here is one of Skara Brae in Orkney, a fascinating site…

skara 3

More from Orkney

From Corrigall farm museum. smoking fish in the smoke from burning peat

peat and fish

Orkney by bus

The Orkney island is a place with a lot of narrow roads. Therefore, I was a bit sceptical when we took our big bus all the way from Edinburgh and up. “We” was a group from friends who had met in CISV, a peace organisation working with children.
I did not have worried. The driver was very competent and manoeuvered the large ship into the smallest spaces.
In the first image everybody in the bus tries to get a glimpse of something happening in front of our vehicle. The second and third images were taken at Yesnaby, an outpost by the ocean, showing us that Orkney is not only flat pastures, but also has to fight storms from the west.
Se more about Yesnaby.

backseatYesnabythe bus


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