Harris Tweed

I really like Harris Tweed. So, when visiting the Outer Hebrides I was allowed in to one of the small sheds where the weaver was working. They work in small sheds apart from where the live because of the noise from the loom.
The weaver will receive the pattern and the right coloured yarn from the Harris Tweed factory.

Weaving tweed

Shearing sheep

On Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

Callanish Standing Stones

In my opinion, the most impressive standing stones in Britain, also because they are situated beautifully on a ridge with view in all directions. Simply magnificent!

Callanish Stones

Machair on the Outer Hebrides

You must experience the colours of a machair to believe it! This is from Lewis, Outer Hebrides. Look up MACHAIR here.


An evening stroll to the sea

This couple take a late evening stroll from their house to the sea at Five Penny Borve in the Outer Hebrides.

Old croft on Lewis

Along the road on Lewis

Morning tea at Five Penny Borve

With my friends, Dallas and Liz, we rented a cottage in Lewis for a week. We had one condition, to be able to warm the house with peat. We all loved the smell of burning peat!
In the kitchen, to the far left here, there was a peat stove. We kept it burning around the clock, and spent a lot of time with the smell from the peat stove.
This is one of my favourite images from one of these moments.

Great  atmosphere in a kitchen in the Outer Hebrides, and Lewis.
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