Edinburgh in the seventies and now

Last year I visited Edinburgh once more. I was there with the Norwegian volleyball team in 1971 and 1977. One of these years I then took an image in the morning outside the hotel we stayed at.
Last year I visited Edinburgh again, this time with friends. One morning I was out looking for a Pepsi Cola, when I got this strange feeling. But then I suddenly understood I was standing outside the very same hotel I took a picture almost 50 years earlier. Here are both images.



Merry Christmas from a cat


It is very nice to come home to a cat

shummars c

Street in Lerwick, Shetland


Street in Edinburgh 2016

New Orkney 9

Terrorfright in Oslo

Oslos main street, Karl Johansgate, looks different than normal these days. A lot of obstacles have been put in the street in an attempt to avoid terrorists cars to use  to kill people.kloakkrør

Rain at the Italian Chapel

new orkney 7By the Churchill Barrier on Orkney.

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