Harris Tweed

Outside a tweed shop in the Outer Hebrides we found a shed with left over tweed. This image was taken in 2010. A good selection here!


Minne på veggen

Men også dekorasjon. Min venn Kimmy ba meg ta et bilde av saueskallen som jeg viste i et bilde fra North Uist på Hebridene. Og her henger den, bak arbeidsplassen til Martin. For å få plass til alt datautstyret han bruker, måtte han ta kjøkkenbordet til hjelp.

North Uist croft

I just could not leave this wonderful sanctuary without showing you the croft itself. The picture with the sheep scull was ok, but you did not get the best impression of the houses. So here they are.

Abandoned croft on North Uist

We came across this old croft, abandoned long ago, on the island of North Uist, Outer Hebrides. It was such a lovely place, and the ocean was just behind the croft. I would have loved to put it back to order and use it for holidays. Very unrealistic, I know.
At least i brought the sheep scull back to Norway, where it hangs on the wall in my sitting room.

Old croft on Lewis

Along the road on Lewis

Evening stroll on Lewis

From the house we rented, we could make a nice stroll down to the ocean.

Morning tea at Five Penny Borve

With my friends, Dallas and Liz, we rented a cottage in Lewis for a week. We had one condition, to be able to warm the house with peat. We all loved the smell of burning peat!
In the kitchen, to the far left here, there was a peat stove. We kept it burning around the clock, and spent a lot of time with the smell from the peat stove.
This is one of my favourite images from one of these moments.

Great  atmosphere in a kitchen in the Outer Hebrides, and Lewis.
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