Day 3

Started at eight 0’clock after stay in a miserable hotel (I cannot understand how they can call it a hotel). Coming from the very nice Røros Hotel to this one was a downer. And what they called “breakfast” was almost nothing, I swallowed down two slices of bread with jam and fat milk and left as quickly I could.
In rain. This is the view out of my front window:

But the car. I have been very surprised how well the engine has been running. Smooth and quiet. I could keep close to the same speed I did with my 2000 Fiat Barchetta (of course, the barchetta had a top speed of 200 km/h). I had calculated with three and a half days to the ferry in Bodø, but I was wandering if I might get there earlier. I asked a girl in a gas station how long it would take me to Bodø, and she said between three and four hours. This was at 1130 and the ferry would leave at 1630.
In Mo i Rana I had to fill the tank again, and now I measured the consumption. In Norway we talk about how much gas a car uses pr. kilometer (now the Americans and British can start calculating :-)). The result was 0,93 liters pr. kilometer. Not too bad, I think.
Across the street from the gas station there was a garage. I asked a mechanic to take a peek at the window wiper problem. He took a look, tightened the nut (?) around the wiper rod, and that was it! My wiper suddenly worked! How much it cost? Nothing.
Not long after I went up the roads to Saltfjellet, a mountainous area north of Mo I Rana. For your sake, I had to mage a short stop at the Polar Circle Museum and grab a picture. In the background, up the path to the right you can see the symbol of the circle.

I headed on towards Bodø, and got there almost two hours before the ferry was scheduled to leave. I had ticket for the next day, so I was not sure that they would take aboard. There were hundred of cars waiting there to get to Moskenes in the Loftoten Islands (you shoud look it up in your atlas!) so I was not very optimistic. I called the ticket office (in another town), and the man there said the chances to get a place onboard was almost like nil. However, the nice ticket girl at the ferry line said that since there were only 3 cars ahead of me going to Røst, I would certainly get on board. They have to give priority to people going to Røst and Værøy, otherwise the tourists going to Lofoten would block their way.
So, I got to Røst 1 day earlier that planned. And in the middle of Vestfjorden, an infamous stretch of waters between the mainland and Lofoten, the sun was out again! (Edgar Allan Poes “Maelstrom” is from the waters between the tip of Lofoten and the next island. This is were current from the ocean meet the current in Vestfjorden and create some unruly waters).
Since I was one day early, however, there was no room for me at the hotel. My good, old friend Hans Arne welcomed me in his home. The image below is the MG outside his house.


Day 2

Waking up to rain in Røros, and started travel north in rain. I had to put on a warm jacket, since I had the top on, but only the back side windows.
I was traveling through farmland and with all the smells, some nice and others, well… 
I started to wonder what they feed the cows with. When I was a young boy I spent many of my summer holidays, even walking the cows back from pasture to their shed. The shed was a nice and warm place, and the smell was good. But now, what the cows leave behind smell terrible! Must be what they eat.
I had checked my window wipers before I left Oslo, but after a few kilometers they stopped working. I could see the motor working, but the rod was slipping in the cone of the wiper system. I stopped at a gas station, and the person there advised the use of Rain X: I said I had that put on, but he told me to repeat it.
So for the rest of the day I drove in the rail with no wipers. However, this is not a very big problem in the old MG, I could see very well. So I traveled on through Trondheim and up to a place called Majavatn. Many people know this place because of some heavy fighting between German and Norwegian soldiers during WW1.

The MG outside a dinner cafè (Norwegian meat balls, pea stew and lingonberries) 

Rain at Majavatn.


I have had trouble getting connected to internet! I’ll put out several days now, please be patient…

Day 1

Since Dallas (in the MG forum) advised me to bring a fuel pump, I had plenty of time in the morning, since MG Service opens at ten o’clock. Unfortunately, he did not have the correct one, but he lent me another one that would work if mine should break down.
Monday has been a beautiful day all the way. I decided to travel to Elverum and go the Østerdalen route towards Trondheim. “Østerdalen” means the East Valley, because it is the easternmost valley in the south of Norway. This is a forest valley, for many a bit boring. But I expected less traffic, so I chose it. On my way back I will probably go through Gudbrandsdalen, my favorite valley in Southern Norway.
I reached Røros at 1630. The car was running smoothly all the way, mostly in fifth gear (yes, it has the Sierra gear box). I hardly heard the motor at all (But my bad hearing may be part of the reason for that :-)). A very pleasant first days drive.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is not so good. So I put up the roof when I parked at Røros Hotel, I just bought a waterproof cover for this purpose. Since that is not good for storing the car indoor all winter, I also bought a nylon one for that purpose.

The first picture shows the car just outside the garage in central Oslo. On the way I wanted a picture of the car in front of an old shed not far from Røros. But I had parked so far out (!) that when I left the car, I fell into the ditch! Looking up, I saw that it might a picture with all the wild flower and the nice sky!


Røros is an old mining town made famous (in Norway) by the author Johan Falkberget. The town is on the World Hertitage list. I took  stroll this evening.

With MG to north of the Polar Circle

On Monday (July 11) I start on a long journey with my MG TD from 1953. I have had some things done to it to get it in good shape for this trip of 1200 km (one way). I will try and reach the ferry from Bodø to Røst on Thursday afternoon. With this car, I have to take it a bit easy, it is after all an old “thing”. I shall try to keep you up-to-date if I can find internet connections on my way. So. for a couple of weeks, this blog will not be Oslo Diary, but a trip to the north.
A few weeks ago my son, Simen,  took this image with his mobile phone.

Hvor i Oslo 63

En ny gatenøtt:

Hvor i Oslo 62

En uke hjemme før jeg drar på ferie til Lofoten. Bilen er innom diverse verksteder for å komme i rett kjøremodus. Mens vi venter, slenger jeg inn en gateoppgave.

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