Stavanger Saturday

Finally. I have been here 11 times before. Never has any Norwegian team reached the semifinal. Not before my last time here. With not-so-good times for the Norwegian beach volleyball teams, one team suddenly grows and steps up to the world top four. I want to thank Martin Spinnangr and Tarjei Skarlund for a wonderful performance!


Stavanger Friday

Since there is not to much space around the waters in Vågen, the organizers have made floating beach volleyball courts! I think this is one only in the world. Two courts are on the barges, and they are well secured in the bottom and the quay.

Stavanger Thursday

Hurrah! Sunshine today, and warm. Just perfect for beach volleyball.
But I need other images also, so I took a walk just behind the main court to get some pictures from the old Stavanger, with the beautiful houses and all the flowers.

Stavanger Wednesday

Rain yesterday, and the sun is not out today, either. Well, we have to take pictures anyway. Today a lot of children from the kindergartens in Stavanger have visited the main court. Here are three of the children, well prepared, as you can see.

Monday in Stavanger

A few matches have been played today, but those were in the play-off. When some countries bring too many players, they have to play internally to decide who will enter the qualification. The weather has been very good this Monday, and the organizers have been working to get all the details correct. Heidi Larsen, this years official organizers photographer started out today, and I met my old friend from Brazil, the very able Mauricio Kaye.   
The cruiseships are arriving all time, and create a nice background for the matches on the sidecourts.

Arrived in Stavanger

After having to get up too early (for an old man) I am now in Stavanger, waiting for the Tournament Opening tomorrow evening. I have visited the site and received the uniform. The weather is nice here and it is rather warm, just like the players like it. They are training on all the courts. I took a stroll along the pier and the image shows  atmosphere two days before the big competition starts. I am back at my hotel, because I want to see the football match between Germany and England.

Hvor i Oslo 61

Vel, dette er som dere ser ikke en vanlig gategåte. For dem som er like gamle som meg er det likevel et kjært motiv, gammeltrikken i Oslo. Nei, dette innlegget markerer sesongslutt for Hvor i Oslo. Nå går vi inn i feriemodus og kommer tilbake med nye gater når sommeren er over. Det betyr ikke at vi ikke kommer til å legge ut bilder på denne siden i løpet av sommeren. Så følg med!
Jeg lar oppgave 58 og 60 likevel stå ubesvart, slik de som kjeder seg en regnværsdag kan gjøre nye forsøk på å løse disse to oppgavene…

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