Hvor i Oslo 206?

Et bilde til i denne serien. Hvor befinner fotografen seg her? Advertisements

Street artists

This image was taken in Oslo a couple of days ago. It looks really strange, but is an old trick. Impressive, anyway.


A female blackbird. Svarttrost hunn.

Hvor i Oslo 205

Kanskje kommer jeg tilbake med flere gategåter (!). Her er i alle fall en, tatt i dag. I used to put out pictures of streets in Oslo and people would guess which street it was. As you can see, this is image number 205!

Black-headed Gull


Maritime Festival III

Interior from an old coastal ship, the Nordstjernen, one of the well-known Hurtigruter. It was carrying passengers and goods along the coast from Bergen to Kirkenes at the Russian border.

Maritime Festival II

Viking ship heritage, in front of the new row of modern buildings in the harbour of Oslo, called Barcode. My friend, Dallas, wanted to see Viking ships, here are some.

Maritime Festival

This is what the organisers wrote about the Festival in Oslo: Hundreds of historic ships and traditional boats from Norway, the Nordic countries and several other European countries will sail along the entire Norwegian coast to the Maritime Festival Forbunet KYSTENs landsstevne in Oslo. Some of the boats that will come are: Hestmanden – the cargo ship that survived two world wars, vintage passenger…

Skiing in the afternoon

In Oslo, Norway  

Oslo Today

Oslo main street, Karl Johansgate, on the last day of May, 2014.

Robin Hood

Well, not quite. My son Martin in the forest near Svarttjern, Romsås in Oslo when he was a kid.

Rain in May

We had an exceptionally warm and sunny April here in Oslo. But when May arrived, it changed. Much colder and rain. Well, I think we needed rain, or rather, the plants needed rain now. We have had a lot of fires in the forests, and this will probably put a stop to that. This image was taken downtown today, Tuesday May 6th.

Airplane II

It was probably grey when this plane took off from Fornebu, Oslo, but at this moment the passengers can see the sun again.

Shumshu likes Spring

My Kurilian Bobtail, Shumshu, seems to enjoy the sun on my balcony when spring has arrived in Oslo, Norway. One problem for me, though, the apartment is full of cat hair! It is everywhere! Because with spring, animals are moulting. I have taken out my hoover, and Shumshu has fled the premises and hidden in the bedroom, under the bed. He is afraid of…