Smell of peat in Oslo

It is Easter time. I am sitting at home in Oslo, working on a book. It is light rain outside. So what do I do to cheer me up? I lit a piece of peat in my Scottish house in the window sill, and a wonderful smell is soon surrounding me. And reminding me of all my visits to the Scottish islands!

Nå er det jul igjen… (snart)

Once again – Christmas. Along the main street in Oslo there is always a very busy Christmas alley, with a lot of people are selling all kind of farmers food and handicraft, like knitted woollen articles. Jeg tok meg en lite tur i julegata ved Karl Johan i dag, lørdag før jul, men klarte ikke å fullføre på grunn av menneskemengden og trengselen.

Hvor ble det av all snøen?

Where did all the snow go? Dette spurte jeg meg selv om i dag tidlig da jeg så ut av vinduet ned i Pilestredet der det ikke var hvitt, bare regnsvart. Ifølge værmeldingene skulle det komme masse snø, men i Oslo var det én plussgrad, så det ble ikke hvitt. Men jeg leste etterpå at det hadde vært mye snø andre steder på Østlandet….

To hunder – Two more dogs

Dere skjønner sikkert at selv om jeg har katt selv, er jeg også veldig glad i hunder. Her er to flotte eksemplarer av arten til… I own a cat myself, but also like dogs very much. I hope you excuse me for showing more dogs.

Time for scarves

    Autumn has reached Oslo. That means, of course,  lower temperatures. Norwegians, however, are used to this,  and are well prepared. The first piece of clothing that comes out of the closets when this happens, is the scarf.

Change of blog

I am now redesigning my photographic blog. I will be focusing on my home town Oslo, and the page will be called something like “Eye on Oslo”. There will be more pictures of people than you are used to. It will take some time, and I hope you will stay with us here. 

In Highland Park Distillery

The worlds northernmost single malt distillery, in Kirkwall, Orkney.

Finally: smell of peat in Oslo

I love the smell of burning peat. And now, after my recent visit to Scotland, I bought something that brings the wonderful and nostalgic smell of peat to my apartment here in Oslo. Several years ago I called a producer of incense to ask if the were maling incense with smell of peat. They did not. But now they do! I found this “lovely”…

Ring of Brodgar

I have a feeling I shall put out several images from Orkney Island and Scotland here in the near future. I just returned from a trip there with many of my old CISV-friends. Se more about the Ring of Brodgar.