Nice smell and nice colours

The problem is, I do not remember where I took this image! However, I remember that the plants in this image smelled great. It is taken somewhere in Britain, i guess nobody can tell me where…

4 Comments on “Nice smell and nice colours

  1. I agree with Linda, looks like Scotland. I think, and Liz agrees, that the yellow bush looks like gorse, which smells a bit coconutty. Donyou have gorse in Norway?

    • So there you are. Good. And it is gorse, I remember now as you say it. And we don’t have that plant in Norway.

  2. Looks like Scotland, but I guess Britain is close enough. If the plant were purple I’d think they were heather. Don’t know where it is, but it’s a great shot… love the stone wall, the golden glint catching the plants, and the clouds rolling in. Very “atmospheric”… and I can almost smell the fragrance of whatever those plants are.

    • Well, they are not heather. The smell is very strong, it is difficult to remember smells, but I think they smelled a bit like coconuts? When Dallas and Liz comment, they will know. Liz is Scottish and Dallas has lived in Scotland.

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