Dog’s life in the Norwegian Capital

The dogs of Oslo are, shall I say, very normal dogs. We don’t have stray dogs, I guess the climate forbids that. And they have to be in a leash. And they are not allowed in restaurants and food stores. I shall never forget, admittedly many years ago, how people brought their dog into a restaurant and let the dog sit on a chair with them. Well, different lands, different cultures.




And if they do what also dogs have to do, you must be prepared with a small plastic bag, pick up the thing, and throw it in a proper place.
I discovered on my photographic walks around  town that dogs are not always interested in being photographed. One I had to give up completely, he turned his (her?) behind towards me all the time.
Anyway here they are, the lovely creatures. I love dogs, but I have a cat myself…


One Comment on “Dog’s life in the Norwegian Capital

  1. Great portraits of the dogs and their owners. I remember dogs in restaurants in Paris and a friend told me that when he was a student in Bologna, there was a trattoria they called “Dog on the Table” because there frequently were. As you say, different cultures. I especially like the man and his dog both looking in the same direction.

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