Old Black and White images from Oslo

I started to take pictures when I was just 11 years old, with a Baby Brownie camera that I bought in Cincinnati in Ohio, USA. My next camera was a Czechoslovakian made 6 by 6 camera, a Flexaret. Looking through old negatives today, I have found out that this was a very good camera. And it was a camera I could afford when I was in high school.

Here are some images I took with that camera in the late fifties. Black and white, of course. The top picture in this blog was also taken with that Flexaret.


3 Comments on “Old Black and White images from Oslo

  1. Wonderful detail. Love the picture of the woman having conversation with a boatman at the harbor.

  2. Some REALLY nice B&W photos… I especially like the composition with the crane. The mention of buying your first camera in Cincinnati (at the first ever CISV summer camp) made me smile, as I was part of that historic occasion as well, tho not as a camper.

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