Autumn is a season where Norway explodes with colours. The trees throw away their green an reveals beautiful array of reds and yellows. This is the time when so many people in Oslo dress down, and take out their black clothes. Black coats, black jackets and black pants.
In my youth, only old people and persons going to a funeral wore black. A sad “colour”, in my opinion, especially when the days grow shorter and darker.


So, on my walks around town with a camera, I was looking for colours. On people, that is. And I found some who had the same idea as I. Have a look.

In the first image the lady had just returned from a trip to Spain with her husband where she found this wonderful outfit! Perfect combination of colours!


The man in the next picture is making his own clothes, and all the things that come with it. His mother was a clothes designer, and he started to make clothes when he was eight years old! We had a long and nice chat, and he agreed we me that too many people in Oslo were dressing in black. He was colourful in more ways than with the clothes!


The person in the last image did not want me to shoot his face. I spoke to him in English, believing he was a foreign tourist. Wrong! He was Norwegian, but very much inspired by the colourful clothes of middle and south of America.



One Comment on “Colours

  1. Wonderful photos of interesting people. More please. Love the colors. And your leaf is gorgeous.

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