Time for scarves

skjerf-2    Autumn has reached Oslo. That means, of course,  lower temperatures. Norwegians, however, are used to this,  and are well prepared. The first piece of clothing that comes out of the closets when this happens, is the scarf.



But the scarf gives not only warmth and comfort, it also gives the person a chance to have some extra colours added to the outfit, especially since many Norwegians tend to wear more black and grey in the dark season.
The first image is of a person I know, someone who always is dressed well and with a smile never far away. She lives in Oslo.
Number two wore a rich coloured scarf that accentuated  her elegance. She was visiting from Stockholm, Sweden, and, as you can see, had a nice retro looking camera, a Fuji X-10. (Good taste, I also shoot with Fuji!).
The happy girl in the top image was working on a project in Karl Johansgate and was prepared for some cold hours with a large scarf. She could almost creep inside it!
The last woman, also Swedish, was hurrying along the main street, but paused for a short moment for me to take her picture. Beautiful colours in her scarf.
Thank you, all models!



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