A woman with red hair

rødt hår


5 Comments on “A woman with red hair

  1. This reminds me of me back in the day. I would cross on the ferry to Orkney from Scrabster to Stromness. I would look out to the islands and just go gormless at the beauty and wonder of the view. The sea is calm in the photo and it looks still, but in my minds eye I can feel my ears bitterly cold with the engine making such a noise in my ears and feeling it working hard beneath me. The sway of the ocean and the efforts of the metal whale taking me home.

    • Interesting! I am going from Scrabster to Stromness in September! I have made that voyage many times, since I am a fan of the Scottish islands. I would have gone more often if there was a ferry connection between Norway and Newcastle or Shetland.

      • I wonder if the fishermen’s café is still there? It had changed a lot when I went up in 1999, but that I haven’t been up since. Things change all the time. “You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past, the only way to learn the secret…is to press play.” Jay

  2. That was what I was thinking when I took the picture.
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  3. Alexander McCall Smith has written a book in which he looks at some old photographs and imagines the story behind them–why is this woman with red hair sitting on the ferry? Why is she by herself? What is she thinking as she gazes out at the fjord and the mountains? This would be a good photograph for that kind of story.

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