Red carpet

Yesterday I took the camera down town to try and take some images the way Bill Cunningham does for New York Times. I saw a very interesting program about him a couple of days ago, as a matter of fact, I saw that same program twice in two days! I was shooting away very quickly, spent no time preparing the camera. However, I discovered one thing. Whilst New York is full of poseurs and people really interested in fashion and what they wear. people in Oslo are not! So many wear black, old and young, no colours. I would think Bill Cunningham could not make a living here in Oslo.



3 Comments on “Red carpet

  1. Lovely picture and at least the two ladies keep in step. Nice! (..and the street; maybe Øvre Slottsgate? ,-)

  2. I love your image, Raymond! Thank goodness for the red carpet. You know there is a lot of black in New York too. I think Bill has an in with the society people… But I like it best when he does casual street shots with a theme, like shoes…or boots…or umbrellas.. Or hats… Or little dogs.. Liz

  3. Love the splash of red on the cobblestones. Liz and I noticed the same thing about black clothes in Britain in October. We stood out in our bright red and orange raincoats, and Liz’s brother said “Well, you sure look like Americans!”

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