The road turns by the ocean

This picture is another one from the island of Røst, north of the Polar Circle in Norway. In storms, the salty water will hit the house.




5 Comments on “The road turns by the ocean

  1. The past six months have been strangely stressful for me, due to my ex-husband’s severe illness and brain surgery. After nearly 40 years of being apart, I seem to have become his primary care taker, because there is no one else to do it.

    As I studied this calm, clear, beautiful photograph this evening, I noticed a smile had crept across my face.

    I just want to be sure you know, Raymond, how much pleasure, and often respite, your work and your blog brings into my life… now more than ever. Thank you. Your friend, Linda

    • Fascinating photos from Røst, Raymond.

      I was thinking about you when I read the fascinating story about the 16 sailors and merchants from Venice who around 1430 and after months at sea, stranded on an inhabitated island outside Røst. By the time they were discovered by the people of Røst, they were only 11. After a while, when they had recovered, they went back to Venice and took with them the stockafish, the dry cod, that became the start of the tradition with bacalao.

      I guess this was also the start of the trade with Italy as well as the background for the genes the southerners left in the north of Norway that explains the olive skin that tans immediately and the dark eyes of some people, among others a person of my extended family.

      • I guess this is an important part of the local history at Røst.

    • I am sorry to hear about your difficult times! And I am surprised that my blog with only images can be of any comfort to anyone, but I am glad for what you are saying! These days I have been putting out many picture on Facebook from where I grew up, and a lot of persons who also lived there at some time in historie seem to enjoy this very much.
      Your friend,

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