Road on the Outer Hebrides

This is a follow up on the one before, but the scooter is left back in Norway. Instead, we drive in Dallas’ just acquired old Rover, with leather seats and posh interior. Much more sophisticated than the Vespa! I wish I had a car like this today, if it was in perfect condition (which they seldom are).


3 Comments on “Road on the Outer Hebrides

  1. This picture gives me a warm feeling. The leather upholstery and walnut wood dashboard and panels were so luxurious that I would sometimes just go sit in the car and enjoy them. And all for the paltry sum of 80 pounds sterling. Of course, that was a lot of money for a student back then, and the car was on its last legs so it broke down frequently. But it was class act. It had a crank start and a reserve gas tank. And it had a viking on the front of the bonnet. Still have the viking.

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