My beloved Vespa

I once had a Vespa, and I can still have dreams about it. This is a 1963 model, and drove it from Oslo to Bergen in order to travel around Scotland with a friend, the American Dallas Jones. I left the scooter in Bergen and took the boat across the North Sea.
This took place more than 50 years ago, but I can still remember the nice sound and smell of this 125cc engine.



5 Comments on “My beloved Vespa

  1. Apropos Vespa, den idag omtalte restauranten i Aftenposten, Vespa og Humla, er vel nesten paa hjemmebane. Hva var der i “gamle” dager?

  2. You couldn’t know how nostalgic this makes me! I had a Vespa 150, a few years before this, because I was still in high school. I rode it all over the MS Gulf Coast, and New Orleans. At the time, my dad owned a Ford agency, and had the SE distributorship for Vespa in the USA.
    I LOVED my Vespa!!! Thank you…

  3. Yes, happy memories. I had a Lambretta scooter for a while and travelled all over Scotland on it. Only fell once (on Skye) but had several narrow escapes. I am sometimes amazed that I survived my youth. The old Rover 90 I had when you made it over for our Grand Tour was much safer.

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