A view from another B&B

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis time we have moved to Orkney. We first tried a hotel in Kirkwall, and the view from my window there would have been quite different. Terrible. I had the wall of another old building 2 meters in front of my window. Just bricks. So we left and went north to a small place called Birsay and a wonderful B&B. And here is the view from there, just the wide open ocean! This is where we found a restaurant in nowhere, in rain and on a dark evening and I had a great meal! Potato skins! I had never tasted that before, but I found it so good that we went to the same place and I had, yes, potato skins again!

2 Comments on “A view from another B&B

  1. Have visited Orkney twice stayed once in Kirkwall, but the second time, which I preferred, was in Stromness.
    I love Orkney, hope to return. Only island hopped once-to Rousay. My second visit was in December, the sea wasn’t so amenable to Island hopping!

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