Houses with colours

I found these houses in the town of Scalloway in Shetland. Very many old houses in the Scottish islands are built in stone, and have kept the colours of the stone. Since the doors are wooden, that is where they use the colour. Not so here in Scalloway.
Scalloway was the capital of Shetland before Lerwick and during WW2 it was the base of the Shetland Bus, a fishing vessel operation Scallowayhelping Norwegians to escape from occupied Norway to Shetland. In Scalloway you should visit the museum for the Shetland Bus.


3 Comments on “Houses with colours

  1. Så fine, Raymond. Jeg tenker stadig på den turen vi skulle hatt til Shetland, men som aldri ble til realitet.

  2. Colored houses in Tobermory too, as you probably know (have you been to Mull?).

    • I can see the image from Tobermory in my head, but no, I have never been there. But I think the waterfront street in Portree also have this road of nicely painted houses.

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