My hibernating car

MG TD 2It is just past mid winter, but I have a feeling that the heaviest part of winter is still to come. The temperature has just dropped below zero (Oslo), but the days are already getting longer.
My MG TD 1953 model, is, as is normal with open sportscars in this country, well put away in an old and dry barn for the winter. When I talked to the owner of the little coffee shop situated in my building, he asked for my MG. I wanted to tell him this in a humorous, but simple way, an said that my car “was hibernating”. He did not understand what I meant. His background from Ethiopia did not include the word “hibernate”. I was going to tell him that that was what bears did during winter. Bears? Do they have bears in Africa? And if they had, there would be no reason for them to hibernate. So, instead of telling him in plain words that the car was stored away for the winter, I had to go through a long story about Norwegian bears, eating a lot of berries in the autumn, then finding a nice little cave to hide in, and then letting themselves snow in, and not waking up until spring and not eating or drinking or peeing or anything during winter months. (An interesting thing, by the way).
Anyway, it is nice awaiting spring and taking the MG TD out again. Meanwhile, I can  look at all the images I have of the car.
Here is one.


2 Comments on “My hibernating car

  1. Your MG TD looks like a very dapper, distinguished “older” gentleman with his “specs” perched on his nose for reading.

    I loved your story about the bears hibernating… it may have taken you some time to explain, but you have certainly enriched your friend’s education. L

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