Morning in Edinburgh

MorningI once visited the beautiful city of Edinburgh with the Norwegian national volleyball team. One early morning, outside our hotel, I went outside with my camera and captured this picture of two men on their way to work. This is one of my favourite images.


15 Comments on “Morning in Edinburgh

    • And you live there! You can go out in that magic light and capture scenes like this any time.Lucky you.

  1. It’s gorgeous….I’m finding myself wondering how he gets that soft blur….almost a smear. Wondering how he exactly did this in photoshop. I always wonder that but it’s a really great composition with awesome light to start.

    • I did it in a program called “Perfect Photo Suite 7”. You can choose between different settings, I think it helps me get the mood that I felt when I took the picture.

  2. I understand why this is one of your favourites, this is art!

  3. I still have an enlarged copy of this photograph that you gave me. As Linda says, it captures the mood of the city.

    • Linda, I like it so much myself, perhaps because I was there, in that mood. A little damp and cold, all the sounds of morning in a city, and people lifting their shoulders and putting their hands deep in their pockets. And thank you for commenting!

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