Blue door

blå dørThis image is taken in Shetland, like the previous one, but I am afraid I do not know where. It is, however, rather typical; made of stone, and with a painted door.

8 Comments on “Blue door

  1. 🙂 stemningsfullt bilde. God jul til deg, Raymond.

  2. Hei Raymond! Hjertelig takk for mange fine bilder! Bente og jeg ønsker deg og dine en riktig god jul og et fint nytt år! Gode hilsener fra Jarl.

  3. You do have an artist’s eye for seeing beauty where most of us see ugliness. Thank you for that gift.

    • Dallas, I have been thinking about this myself. I find old buildings more interesting than modern ones, trying to figure how people coped before. It follows from that that I also see the beauty in them.
      But I also like my old cars more than modern ones. That is called nostalgia. The first image here, the one from Weisdale was flat and lighter. But with some treatment I think I managed to accentuate the feeling for the place better. I will now look through all my old images from Scotland.

      • You also like rusty old fishing boats and piles of clutter on the docks and beat-up old gas pumps. I always think “Why is he taking that picture?” Then I see the photo and understand. I’m still trying to learn from the maestro.

  4. Vad jag njuter av dina Skottlandsbilder! Tack och kram!

    > 22 dec 2013 kl. 13:10 skrev “Raymond Wardenær” :

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