Old memories

old spiceOld Spice. The first after shave lotion I used. It must have been in the fifties. I read in a book about clothing for gentlemen that this scent would also remind women of their father, and hence be “a good thing”. I have not noticed any such effect. Like everybody telling me that classic sports car would draw attention of women. I have not noticed that, either. I guess I am too old for this effect, but anyway I enjoy both.
And Old Spice brings back good memories…


5 Comments on “Old memories

  1. P.S. I’ve always been attracted to classic sports cars as well… which DO remind me of my father! L

  2. Raymond, I just met an old friend who used to be my partner in the Telemark folk dancing. He is such a nice person, but he said more or less the same thing about not attracting the ladies. You know what, I think the two of you never asked them.

      • I think Ase is right! The scent of Old Spice actually reminds me of my granddaddy… When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things was to perch on a stool and watch my grandfather shave. He used Old Spice round bar soap in a wooden dish, with a brush, and made a lather, which he applied to his whiskers. Then taking a straight razor… which he sharpened on a strap… shaved it off… carefully. After which, he put old shave in his palms and splashed it on his fact, giving it a few “slaps” with his palms, which brought blood to his cheeks and made him look vigorous! I’ve always loved this ritual, and the wonderful scent that went arose from it… it’s about the most “masculine” thing I can think of. I always adore the scent of Old Spice on a man… and ALWAYS recognize it. It’s a manly, sensual, and very attractive memory. Linda

      • Well… SOMETHING attracted her, didn’t it? 😉 L

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