A beautiful farewell to Ketil

KetilA[4] netOn Thursday October 3rd Ketil Lehlands family and friends gathered in Haslum krematorium in a touching memorial after his sudden death two weeks earlier. It was not a religious ceremony, but a very warm and personal one. Here is the program:

Christian Amble
( Written by Kirsten and Kristine, Ketils sisters)

The Long And Winding Road
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

CISV – Raymond Wardenær

All CISVers gathered around Ketils coffin
Roses from all the CISVers

Adopsjonsforum – Øystein Gudim

Gracias a la vida
Violeta Parra/Brita Åhman
Christina Violeta

Gabriela Barrios

Simple Twist Of Fate
Bob Dylan

Benjamin Lehland Barrios

In My Life
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

KetilE[16] net KetilG[10] netAll the speeches were warm and personal, but Ketils step-daughter Gabriela and Ketils son, Benjamin, were especially touching.
After the ceremony at Haslum, there was a get-together for everybody, as is the habit at Norwegian funerals.   Time for something to eat. Many of you will know Ketils favourite food, hot dogs. So hot dogs were served, as well as open sandwiches and cakes. And a large cake decorated with the CISV logo. The old logo. And more memorial speeches.
Many CISV-friends gathered for this last reunion with Ketil, joining from Sweden, Austria and Norway, around 40 all together. After the official meeting, we went to the home of Arne Berge and spent the evening together, as it was difficult to let this day end. We talked about Ketil, cried for him and laughed of all the nice times we had spent with him.
We all knew one thing.
Nobody can take his place.
He was indeed a unique person.
A true CISV-er.

(Photo: Ketil Wardenær)

11 Comments on “A beautiful farewell to Ketil

  1. Thank you Raymond for sharing with us who cound not come.

  2. Takk for at du viste bilder. Jeg skulle gjerne ha deltatt, men var i USA.

  3. Thank you Raymond for your report. It was very touching for me to read and see about the funeral. Seeing you all in the CISV-circle I also crossed my arms just instinctively. In deed we will all keep Ketil deep ion our mind!

  4. Jag var med i tanken men inte på plats. Tack Raymond för ord och bild som gjort händelsen levande för mig

  5. Thank you for sharing the funeral events on your blog. I really appreciate it.

  6. I’m glad you were a featured speaker–I know Ketil would have wanted that–and that CISV got to play such a prominent role too. Sounds like a beautiful send-off for a beautiful man.

  7. Tack Raymond för dina bilder och din text och att du på så sätt får oss, som inte var med, att ändå känna delaktighet. Många kramar, Marika

  8. Very touching, Raymond… a lovely ceremony, celebration and fare-thee-well to Ketil. L

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