Shumshu on a diet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I told you, Shumshu war castrated last week. He came home, looking like a drunk when he tried to walk around the sitting room. When the sedation was out of the body, he was ok. However, the people at the clinic told me he was too fat. They said he weighed 7.8 kilos. When I asked the assistent about what the weight should be, she guessed 4-5 kilos. I understood that she did was not familiar with the race, Kurilian Bobtail. I called back, and the doctor agreed that around 7 kilos was closer to normal for this species. I then contacted one of the few specialists in Norway, Galina Furholt, and told her what they had said. She had a cat that weighed 8 kilos, and she was not too heavy. When I sent her the images of Shumshu, she responded like this:
“Jeg har sett på bildene av Shumshu. Jeg synes han ser som en typisk kurilean bobtail hannen skal se, ikke overvektig eller enormt stor . Kjempe flott hannkatt ! I fin form. ” (* see below for a translation).
Well, I put him on a diet, but he does not seem to eat much after the surgery. I will take him back to the doctor this afternoon for a control.
* I have had a look at the images of Shumshu. I think he looks like a typical kurilean bobtail male, not overweigh or enormously big. A very nice male! In good shape.


One Comment on “Shumshu on a diet

  1. Ikke dårlig; tre flotte hannkatter i samme leilighet ….

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