MG meeting in front of the Town Hall of Oslo

MG Rådhus MGA MGB grillThe Oslo chapter of the MG Club in Norway met Wednesday afternoon in fabulous summer weather (September 4th) at Rådhusplassen, The Town Hall plaza. A large majority were MGBs, in impressive condition. It is nice to see how the owners keep this classic car in superb fashion. There was one TD only, unfortunately I lost the cap of the radiator the other day, and cannot use my TD until I get a new cap from England. But the MGB GT of mine was in good shape, just cleaned, and that was one of only two GTs. You can spot it in the image having a roof with an opening.
I can use the TD six weeks more, then it goes into hibernation in a barn in the countryside, and the MGB GT will try out its first winter. In heavy snowfall and salt on the road, I shall tuck it in in the garage. Good I have something to tuck in (I miss the time when the children were small and I could tuck them in, especially when we spent Easter in cabins with only a wood stove for heat).


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