A beautiful car

ImageThe MG TC is one of the most beautiful cars from the end of the forties – beginning of the fifties. It has larger wheels than my TD, the same kind of wire wheels that I have on my MGB GT, and it is narrower. When I started to talk about getting myself an MG, people said that the TC probably was the prettiest one, but the next model, the TD, was a much better drive. So I got the TD…


5 Comments on “A beautiful car

  1. I would like to know the color number and mark of paint.
    I am restoring a TC and want this color. Beautiful !

      • Thank You Raymond,

        I thought You knew the owner. Even the British don’t know exactly what British Racing Green is. We May decide it ourselves 🙂 as Long it is Green. The Color Green of Your foto is perfect voor me and hereby I call it British Racing Green.

        I Will try to vind the owner via the Norsk MG Klubb.

        Best regards,

        Reinoud Mantel, The Netherlands MGTC 9054

        >—-Origineel Bericht—-

  2. Du får väl skaffa en tredje! Tack för senast, hälsa båda dina inneboende! Kram

  3. Oh my! She’s a beauty alright. Love the forest green body with the cream top… L

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