Andy, the mechanic

AndyBxWe have a lot of Poles in Norway that know what they are doing. It is not easy to find people who repair old MGs these days. For people like me, who don’t know much about repairing cars, having an old one may sometimes be a challenge. I asked in April when one of the workshops to fix my car, the answer was August! But Andrzei Baranski works with old MGs in a barn south of Oslo. When I took my MGB GT down there today to have something fixed, there were three other MGB GTs there, two of the with the V8 Rover engines.
I took this image of Andy when he had just finished the job on my car. I like this picture, and since this blog is about photos, I found it to be the right place to put it.


5 Comments on “Andy, the mechanic

  1. Love this photo! Andy obviously has a lot of character.

  2. What a find! Andy is a treasure, no doubt. The windows on his shop are absolutely beautiful. Do you know anything about the building before it became a shop? Linda

    • You notice details! I am sorry, I only know these buildings are part of a farm, maybe they were garages for tractors and other farm equipment?

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