Day 11 – leaving with the new ferry

Værøy1 Værøy 2Everything has an end. So also my stay on Røst 2013. This trip is something I am looking forward to every winter, taking the car and travel to this strange and wonderful island in the far north. Even when the exhibition was a down, the weather and having Simen with me part of the time and meeting a lot of friends,  made it a good experience all together.
And I got to try out the new ferry, the gas-driven Værøy. One picture shows it on the way in to carry the cars and people from Røst to Bodø. It was a calm passing and it took only three hours. The other image shows that children have got their own little playing room, in the background some passengers are watching the sea sitting in very pleasant chairs.
I left the boat and set on for Oslo, but this time going south through Sweden. I left the main road at Saltdal and ended up in Arjeplog in Sweden for the first night.. I was rather tired, so I left the laptop in the car and did no writing. Sorry about that.


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