Day 10 – last day on Røst

søndagThe exhibition finished today. For me, with a bad result. Of the 36 pictures I brought, I only sold 7. This means I never even got back what I had paid for the frames. But such is life. However, since the only place people may buy these pictures is Røst, I left them with an old pupil of mine, who now runs a hotel and restaurant and more. He will put them up on some walls and tell visitors they are for sale. Of course, he will also get a part of the sales.
The weather.I look out of the window from my towering building and don’t see a cloud! I have had exceptionally good weather for the whole week. Tomorrow morning I shall leave Røst once, heading for home. I shall travel through Sweden where the roads don’t have as much traffic as down through Norway. Besides, it is becoming a bit boring to travel the same roads every time.


One Comment on “Day 10 – last day on Røst

  1. Absolutely enchanting photo with the wild flowers in the foreground… and so clear! Your former student is fortunate to have your B&Ws on his walls… Linda

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