Day 9 – Rust on Røst

RustThis is not a post about rust. But since I did not have time to take any images today, I picked one from an earlier day.
Exhibition today. I only sold 4 images 😦  I need to sell 12 just to cover my expenses for the frames and passepartouts. I know I will sell some on Sunday, many visitors need a night to consider things. But all in all, not a very good day for the images.
I also had my book to show. A lot of interest for that, but since they have to order it from, I don’t know anything about the sales.
And, since I did not receive the t-shirt from the produced before I left, the interest for a written statement and the logo was not great, either. Again, some people grabbed the address to zazzle where they can order it when it is finished. Having a sample t-shirt there would have helped a lot.
More downs: I received a note from my favorite website photowise today, telling me I had been banned! They say I have continously posted in the wrong forum! I posted a question about the viewfinder in the Fuji X forum, and really don’t understand what is wrong with that. I have written to them for an explanation. I guess it must be a new regime there. And I cannot see what I have written, since they removed it. I had two comments from others, answering to my question. I just don’t get it.

I just got it! I have, in their opinion, posted my questions about the Fuji X20 in Fuji X forum, instead of in the Fuji FinePix forum! I thought a camera called an X-camera went into the X category. So they banned me for a week.

One Comment on “Day 9 – Rust on Røst

  1. First of all, cute picture and caption. Second, I’m sorry that the sales so far are disappointing. Maybe they’ll pick up tomorrow. And I’m sure you’ll sell a ton of books! Be aggressive. Ikke vær bleik, da!

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