Day 8 – preparing for the exhibition

fugl på dekk VærøyMost of the day today, Friday, was spent in the classroom in the school, where I will show (and try to sell) my pictures on Saturday and Sunday. There will be 27 stands, a new record! In the room beside mine, a painter shows his work. And – surprise! – one of his paintings was done copying one of my oldcolour pictures! I was not happy about this copying, but since it is not a big commercial thing I said when he asked me if I was cross about it that I was not. It must have been a good picture, since this was his main painting.I look very much forward to the exhibition tomorrow. although I have a feeling that many images will be coming home with me. A very interesting day…

The ferry in the image is the one I shall cross the Vestfjorden with on Monday. Is is a gas ferry, and a very modern boat. I am looking forward to that also.I also had to try the new telezoom on a bird. As long as they sit still, it works, but when they are flying…


3 Comments on “Day 8 – preparing for the exhibition

  1. Dumt at det skulle bli flere litt kjedelige “hendelser” rundt denne turen, men det fine været får da være en trøst.Jeg håper du får solgt noen bilder lykke til.

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