Day 7 – a bit sad

simen drar simen flyAnother exceptionally warm and beautiful day on Røst!
But a bit sad, because today Simen went home to Oslo. I will start and mount my exhibition tomorrow (Friday), but I got competition! A female photographer had taken three months off work last winter, went to Røst and took a lot of images. She had already hang up more then one hundred of them, some of them very good. All in colour.
They will be in contrast to my 15 black-and-white ones. I have a feeling I will be traveling home with a lot of framed photos. (You are right, I am a pessimist). Only time will tell.
Quiet here now. I already miss Simen…

3 Comments on “Day 7 – a bit sad

  1. black and white is very cool! Much more cool than boring old color. Liz

  2. Shame about the competition from another photographer; you were there first! Too bad Simen had to leave, but nice that he got to spend some time with you up there.

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