Day 6

telegrafen hoder simen


The most beautiful day so far! A sunny and warm day on Røst. Out early with the camera. Simen made a last try to fix his helicopter. He had brought a battery of spare parts, but not the one that failed to work. For him, this was a real let-down, since he had planned using the helicopter to film Røst from the air for a long time. I really felt sorry for him and I have been looking forward to put these films on the net. Instead he filmed the car and took a lot of great images of it.
In the evening we went to the restaurant called Querini, being in the main cod fishing area in Norway Simen had – yes, cod. I had whale. Both tasted great.
I am sitting in the building in one of the pictures, it has just passed midnight and the sun still shines! It is called Midnight Sun!
The cod heads in the image are mostly used for animal fodder.


One Comment on “Day 6

  1. Ikke tull, ikke tøyse. That’s Simen sitting in the building, not you (unless the midnight sun on Røst has made you look a lot younger). So what is this helicopter of Simen’s that runs on batteries? A miniature that carries only a camera?

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